Foundation Stage 1

  Welcome to Nursery! (Foundation 1)

Hello! Welcome to Park Primary Nursery. We are a 52 place nursery that runs a morning and afternoon session for children in each aged 3-4 years. Our morning sessions are 9am-12pm and afternoon sessions 12:30pm-3:30pm. However, if you’re eligible for 30-hour funding then we can offer sessions Monday to Thursday 9am until 3:15pm, Friday 9am until 1pm (with an option to extend hours until 3:15pm at an additional charge).

In January and April we welcome Early Starters to our nursery, depending on availability of places.

We are a caring and supportive team and hope to make your child feel safe and settled in a positive and welcoming environment. Our aim is to prepare children for full time education next September. We do this through exciting play-based learning experiences to meet all areas of development in the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Our team from September 2021:-

  • Mrs Fowler –Nursery Teacher and EYFS Phase Leader
  • Mrs Forster- Nursery Nurse

Nursery themes covered for 2021-2022 are as follows: 

  • Autumn 1 – Me! – What makes me special?
  • Autumn 2 – Celebrations – What do you celebrate?
  • Spring 1 – Animals – Why do animals live in different areas?
  • Spring 2 – Traditional Stories – Can you tell me a story?
  • Summer 1 – People Who Help Us -Who am I?
  • Summer 2 – Summer Fun – Where shall I go?

Our themes learning intentions are discussed each half term on our ‘Dojo class story’. The Dojo system is used in Nursery as a platform for you to see what is happening in Nursery/school and notify you of important events. The private messaging that runs alongside Dojos enables you to message the teacher with any queries you may have. The teacher will respond (as soon as they are available) out of session times between 730am and 850am/ 330pm and 5pm.

Your child’s first term will involve exploring lots of different activities and meeting new friends and their teacher. They will hopefully become familiar with daily routines, learn a variety of songs, explore different materials and enjoy role playing in the home corner and dressing up. We hope to develop their listening and attention skills by the end of the term through listening to stories one to one and in small groups.

We look forward to seeing children beginning to gain confidence with expressing their needs and interests. Our Foundation Stage staff encourage children to choose activities they would like to play with and teach children about classroom rules such as; being kind to others, listening to their teacher, encourage children to join in with activities and keeping the classroom environment friendly and safe.

Your child’s ‘Learning Journey’ is always available for you to look at in the ‘Blue Room’ before each session. We believe that the development of children should be a partnership between parents and nursery staff and that parents should be able to add photographs and observations to the ‘Learning Journey.’ Alternatively, parents can send photographs and observations through our Dojo messenger for the teacher to add to your child’s ‘Learning Journey’.

Important Information

Children can wear school uniform although this isn’t compulsory in Nursery.

Please ensure your child has a spare set of clothes, including underwear, trousers or skirt, socks or tights and a t-shirt or jumper in a bag named and hung on their peg. Children still needing nappies/pull-ups please ensure additional nappies/pull ups, wipes etc are in your child’s bag. Thank you!

Please ensure your child comes into Nursery in their P.E kit every Friday including wearing adequate footwear such as black pumps or trainers (Velcro fasteners please). No tights, earrings or jewellery please. No uniform will be required on this day.

Please can we remind you to bring your child to school with a clearly named water bottle.

Your child will have access to the outdoor area every day, whatever the weather. Please ensure your child is appropriately dressed each day and all items named please.

It is important that your child attends Nursery every day. If they are unable to, please telephone the school office in the morning- 01302 344659 or email .

Look at our ‘Parent Information Board’ on entrance to nursery as this provides termly dates for the latest events and information.

Children will be given a learning folder containing a keyring to practice numbers, shapes, colours or letter sounds. These are changed on a weekly basis. Please use them as a guide for you to know what your child needs to learn. Your home and community is a great environment to help your child learn colour, numbers, shapes and colours.

Children that are reading, please read the book with them on a regular basis and complete the date and comment sheet.

Supporting your child at home.

Please practice your child’s key ring, recognising or writing their name. Children that are reading, please read the book with them on a regular basis and complete the date and comment sheet.

Useful links

Below are some links to useful websites that you could use with your child at home to support their learning

Also visit where you can search for:

  • Phase 1 phonics
  • Number songs: 5 little ducks, five little speckled frogs, 10 green bottles.
  • Rhyming word songs/videos
  • Days of the week songs
  • Nursery Rhymes: Old McDonald, Baa Baa black sheep, Incy wincy spider, etc.