Foundation Stage 2

Foundation 2 (Reception)

Welcome to Park Primary School! When your child joins Reception class we’ll quickly get into an enjoyable routine that starts their learning journey in school. Children register themselves, choose their lunch and join us on the carpet to begin the day.

We start each day with our phonics session, everyday we will focus on learning a new sound and will develop our confidence to recognise this sound to help us blend words to read.

Our Foundation Stage staff encourage children to choose activities they want to do, inside or outside (as long as the weather permits) to meet all areas of development in the Early Years Foundation Stage. These activities will be linked to our termly themes and to other important dates and events through the year, but we also have focused maths and literacy lessons where the class sits as a group to work together.

We believe that as practitioners, children learn best through play and active learning, therefore we try and make our termly themes as fun and interesting as possible, so that all children are engaged, interact with the tasks and opportunities presented and learn.

To support our phonics, we will often send home sounds to practice and when your child is ready, we also send home reading books and spelling books. It’s also helpful to discuss your child’s day with them, engage with them and show interest in their schooling. You’ll find that your interest will help to keep them interested too, and to keep them learning once school is over.

We have weekly P.E sessions where children can learn and develop skills to play team games, practice developing their gross motor skills by climbing and jumping and explore how their bodies can move in dance.

Our themes in Reception are:

  • All About Me!
  • Off We Go! / Let’s Celebrate
  • Once Upon A Time
  • All Creatures Great and Small
  • Nature Detectives
  • The Seaside

View Froundation Stage 2 Curriculum Map for 2022-23



Foundation 2 – 2022-2023

Autumn 1 –

All about me!

Hygiene Senses School Rules

People who help us All about me Harvest


Autumn 2 –

Off We Go! Let’s Celebrate.

Diwali Bonfire Night

Remembrance Day Christmas

Spring 1 –

Once Upon A Time

Chinese New Year Valentine’s Day Fairy tales Traditional Tales

Spring 2 –

All Creatures Great and Small

Spring Mother’s Day Easter

Animals from around the world. Habitats

Summer 1 –

Nature Detectives

Minibeasts Habitats Nocturnal Animals Life Cycles

Summer 2 –

The Seaside

Father’s Day Summer The Seaside

Sea creatures Pirates


* Long Term Plan is subject to change due to the nature of EYFS and the

children’s interests.

Our themes learning intentions are discussed each half term on our ‘Dojo class story’. The Dojo system is used in Nursery as a platform for you to see what is happening in Nursery/school and notify you of important events. The private messaging that runs alongside Dojos enables you to message the teacher with any queries you may have. The teacher will respond (as soon as they are available) out of session times between 730am and 850am/ 330pm and 5pm.

By the end of the Reception year most children will be able to read, write and understand shape, measure and number. We also learn about the world around us and get used to following rules, being polite and being friendly towards each other.

This is just the beginning for your child and our job is to make sure they both enjoy it and get the preparation required for a fulfilling future in education.