Ethos and Values

A Place with Children at the Centre

Together we R.O.A.A.R.R

This is the foundation on which a caring school community is built and it should be embedded in everything we do.

An ethos that is:

* Actively celebrated
* Integral and vital to all aspects of school life
* Evident in all areas of the curriculum
* Nurtured through close relationships
* Learning through high quality teaching
* A foundation for developing lifelong values.

A place where learning is:

* Stimulating, inspiring, creative, relevant, purposeful and largely based on first-hand experience
* Personalised and accessible for all
* Child centred, innovative and exciting
* A positive experience
* Well planned and allows time for spontaneity and reflection
* Lifelong and takes place both inside and out, at school and at home
* Rewarded and celebrated.

A place where children are:

* Safe, valued and happy
* Learn and thrive
* Are confident to express themselves
* Behave well and treat each other with dignity and respect
* Build positive and supportive relationships
* Are inspired and motivated to learn
* Acquire valuable life skills
* Make positive contributions to the school and its community
* Achieve their full potential
* Have a voice in running the school.

 A place where staff are:

* Highly skilled professionals
* Are friendly open honest and approachable
* Work together as a team supporting each other by sharing experiences
* Are valued and appreciated
* Are motivated dedicated and hardworking
* Work together to achieve a shared vision
* Continue to develop and learn
* Are caring enthusiastic and inspiring
* Are innovative leaders in their field
* Enjoy their work.

A place where parents and carers:

* Are included and welcomed as partners in their child’s learning
* Are listened to and their opinions and contributions valued and acted upon
* Are kept well informed
* Are supported and supportive
* Are encouraged to take an active role in their child’s learning both at home and within the school environment
* Share their expectations
* Have a voice in running the school
* Make a positive difference to school life.

A place where governors:

* Are dedicated to creating an excellent school
* Share in the leadership of the school providing positive direction
* Play an active and supportive role in all aspects of school life
* Are well informed and up to date with what the school does well and areas for development
* Contribute to the ethos of the school
* Are friendly and approachable and visible member of the school community
* Have the school’s best interests at heart
* Are assisted in their decision making by the whole school community.

A place which is:

* Safe secure and inviting
* Warm, welcoming and friendly
* Clean tidy and well maintained
* Stimulating fun and encourages curiosity and a love of learning
* Fit for purpose with buildings and equipment appropriate for 21st century learning
* A rich learning environment accessible for all
* Non-threatening, a healthy environment
* Calm purposeful and has a sense of unity.