Admissions Information

Our school admissions process is co-ordinated through the local Authority. Only they can decide who is eligible for a place in our school. If you require any information, all admission policies can be found on the following Doncaster Council website –

Starting Nursery

Children are usually admitted to a school nursery in the September following their third birthday. Admission forms can be acquired directly from Doncaster council or on the following website –

You will have to apply again for a place in our reception class as attending our nursery class does not automatically guarantee your child a place. 

Starting Reception

Parents will receive either an application form or letter through the post informing them how to apply for a reception class place. There is increasing demand for reception class places in Doncaster at the moment, so you are advised to put more than one choice of school on the form to guarantee your child a place at a school. Further information can be found on the following website –

Starting Secondary School

After Year 6 your child will move on to Secondary school.  You will receive a letter through the post from Doncaster Council Schools Admissions, which will give you full instructions on how to apply for a secondary place for your child. All applications have to be made online. They will also advise you of the application completion date.

Further information can be found at:– .

or contact the Schools admission team at Doncaster Council on 01302 737204

All applications must be made directly to Doncaster Council Schools Admissions department.

School Transfers

If you are moving home either within the Doncaster area or elsewhere and need to apply for a place in another school. You will need to complete a school transfer form. These can be obtained by contacting Mrs O’Hara

This can only be obtained from school as part of the form needs to be completed by both the current and new school.

Please note: We require at least 24hrs notice to complete a form.